25 Apr 2017

Arctic Space and Technology Summit - May 9, 2017, Helsinki City Hall

Arctic Space and Technology Summit is a one-day event gathering industry leaders, stakeholders, start-ups and investors.

The Finnish space industry has delivered products and services to over 40 satellite programs in its more than 30 years of history. DA-Group's heritage in space project deliveries derive from 1990's with professionals involved in the Huygens satellite (Ylinen Electronics). Currently, DA-Group is designing and manufacturing subsystems and instruments in over ten different satellites in ESA programmes, such as Sentinel-1 and MetOp-SG.

We invite you to join the event and discuss further with Petri Jukkala:

Petri Jukkala
Business Director, Space Technology
petri.jukkla (at)
+358 29 0800 926

Read more about DA-Group's space sector capabilities: link to the web pages.

For registration and further info regarding the event, please visit:


The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has in its recent study identified almost 80 Finnish based companies that are involved in space. The amount of companies having products and services dependent on space technology and applications is even greater. The space sector has become one of the fastest growing industries in Finland as well as in the wider Arctic region.







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